Words from Dame Kristin Scott Thomas – Honorary Patron of Fluxus Art Projects

“I am thrilled to support Fluxus Art Projects, for I am naturally sensitive to all initiatives striving to tie bonds between the British and French art scenes. I was also drawn to the way Fluxus enabled me to hear the vivid heartbeats of contemporary creation. It is very exciting to be on the outskirts of these youthful paths and to see how Fluxus can play a decisive part in helping them find their own way.”

Words from Catherine Petitgas – Chair of Fluxus Art Projects

“Keeping with the spirit of exchange and experimentation of the movement that gives it its name, Fluxus Art Projects allows emerging artists from our two countries to project themselves on the international arena at a critical point in their career and is, thus, a unique initiative owing to its contemporary mission, its Franco-British status ant it’s public/private funding model. ‘I don’t believe in art. I believe in artists’, stated Marcel Duchamp, theorist of the movement: supporting our programme enables to stimulate talent.”

Join Fluxus Art Projects and help to support contemporary art!


Fluxus Art Projects is a UK registered Charity – number: 1115982.

Fluxus offers three levels of membership :

For Museum and Biennale Lead Projects

For Emerging Art Spaces Projects

For Curatorial Research Stay

You can also make a donation for the amount of your choice.

How to Donate ?

By cheque
Payable to: Fluxus Art Projects
Addressed to: Sarah Frappier | Fluxus Art Projects | 23 Cromwell Road | London SW7 2EL

By bank transfer
Please contact us for bank details.

If you are a tax resident in the UK, these donations can be made via the Gift Aid scheme: by sending your donation to the trust Fluxus Art Projects (Charity number 1115982), you allow the charity to receive an extra 25% of your donation. You just need to fill in the Gift Aid application available upon request. Please email Sarah Frappier.

Sarah Frappier | Administrator & Visual Arts Manager
Fluxus Art Projects | Institut Français du Royaume-Uni
23, Cromwell Road | London SW7 2EL
T: 00 44 (0) 20 7073 1315 | M:

Individual Donors

To thank you for your support of Fluxus, we offer:

For the full programme of activities, please contact Sarah Frappier –

Corporate Donors

For further information, please contact Sarah Frappier –


Heartfelt thanks to our sponsors for their continued and generous support.


Anne-Pierre d’Albis
Caroline & Etienne Becker
Jacques Boissonnas
Violaine de la Brosse
Sandra Burrus
Nicolas & Célia Cattelain
Jean-François Cécillon
Jean-François & Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre
Jean-Daniel Cohen
Bertrand Coste
Aurelie Didier Cronan & Marcus Cronan
Aurélie Deplus
Nicole Demanche
Jennifer & Jeff Eldredge
Nicolas Ferrand
Thierry Forien
Stephanie & Jacques Gabillon
Belinda & Thibaut de Gaudemar
Elena Geuna
Ronan Grossiat
Nathalie Guiot
Livonie d’Hauteville
Maxime Hennequet & Nidaa El Ghazal
Laurent Issaurat
Marie-Laure Jousset
Patricia Keever
Annka Kultys
Catherine Julien-Laferrière
Françoise & Claude Levy Rueff
Mark & Sophie Lewisohn
Dominique Loredan
Frederic Lorin
Olivier et Priscilla Malingue
Nathalie Mamane-Cohen
Marie-Ange Moulonguet
Amélie Mourgue d’Algue
Odile & Marc Mourre
Veronique Namy
Reine et Boris Okuliar
Véronique & Marshall Parke
Evelyne Peten
Catherine Petitgas
Thibault Poutrel
Véronique Ragoucy
Brigitte Saby
Leonora Saurel
Marie-Claude Stobart
Jolana Vainio
Jean-Philippe Vernes
Isabelle de Visscher-Lemaître
Bill & Anda Winters


The Clarence Westbury Foundation – US


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